Carnival Rides

Houston Party Rental has one of the largest supplies of Carnival Rides in Texas.  With extensive experience within the party rental industry for over 25 years.  We have the knowledge and equipment to supply you with some of the best Carnival Rides the market has to offer today. With the sheer fact that Carnival Rides service MULTIPLE RIDERS AT ONCE, compared to most other attractions within the party rental industry today.  These rides are the ideal choice for large scale festivals and events and should be your first choice when booking.


Carnival Ride Chair Swing Rental Houston

Wrecking Ball 

Houston Rocket

Dixie Twister Chair Swing

  • 24′L x 18′ H x 18′W
  • Power: Single Phase 230V 
  • Pricing: $1,200
  • 10′L x 20′ H x 10′W
  • Power: 3 Phase 240V
  • Pricing: $1100
  • 25′ L x 25′ W x 12′ H
  • Power: 1 X 220V 
  • Pricing: $950
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Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental Spring TX

Trackless Train Ride

Bungee Trampoline

Bottle Ring Toss

  • Pricing: $500
  • 25′L x 30′ H x 25′W
  • Power: 1 x 120V
  • Pricing: $1100
  • 2′ L x 2′ W x 2′ H
  • Pricing: $50
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Milk Can Baseball Toss Horse Shoe Toss Carnival Game Rental Spring TX Plinko Carnival Game Rental Spring TX

Milk Jug Throw

Horse Shoe Toss


  • 2′L x 2′W x 2′ H
  • Pricing: $50
  • 2′L x 2′W x 2′ H
  • Pricing: $50
  • 2’L x 2’H x 2′W
  • Pricing: $50
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