Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts on multiple items?

We do offer package pricing on multiple items rentals. To get a quote add the items to your shopping cart and then reserve them. We will then contact you with our best price based on your rental selections. If you have any questions on package pricing don’t hesitate to call us at (281) 353-2254

Do you require a deposit to hold a reservation?

We require a $25 deposit for Rentals under $50. A $50 deposit for Rentals under $200. A 25% deposit for any Rentals over $200.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cashier checks and checks. For all credit card deposits give us a call at (281) 353-2254.

Will an inflatable hurt my grass?

Our standard moonwalks & combos will cause no damage to grass. It will of course flatten the grass but by the next day everything will be back to normal. With our water slides it is a possible the grass becomes churned so we recommend laying down a tarp to minimize the damage.

Where is a good location for an inflatable?

Inflatables can be placed on both grass and concrete. To secure the inflatables down on grass we will provide stakes with all rentals. To secure on concrete we will supply 50 gallon water barrels. For water slides we recommend using a tarp to limit any damage that might happen.

How does adverse weather effect the event?

Houston weather is known to be quite an unpredictable. With random storms popping up in the afternoon to the more severe weather summer brings. Being in business for over 25 years we've had to deal with it all and have the following procedures depending on if the weather was planned or unplanned.

Our advice is for you to check the weather a few days out and if adverse weather is predicted for the day of your event to give us a call and we can create a contingency plan for an indoor event so your party can still go ahead.








Property Damage


Charges & Deposits

  1. If your event gets rained out the day prior, and you would like to cancel – your deposit carries over for exactly one year as credit
  2. If you decide to cancel on the day of the event itself, we will still charge for associated labor costs (cleaning, loading of trucks)
  3. If our staff have departed for the event we reserve the option to charge in full.
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